5 Japanese food Instagram accounts you should follow

What kind of pictures do you like seeing? I personally love following people who are uploading food pictures on Instagram.The reason why i’m so into food pictures on Instagram is  because some of them are like a work of art. I’ve seen lots of food pictures like, from USA,Britain,France, Italy China etc…but today, i want to introduce you some nice Japanese food accounts.
Hope you like them!



keiyamazaki is a graphic designer who loves to take a shot of breakfast.You can enjoy her beautiful works.If you like her pictures, you can buy her photo book

(you need to creat a JAPANESE amazon account before.)


You only need one word for describing her works, “KAWAII”. All her pictures are so cute. She makes lots of kawaii meals with famous characters like Rilakkuma,Hello kitty,Doraemon,Totoro etc…! Trust me, she makes you smile.


I strongly recommend you follow “maca_ron5”. If she said she ran her own restaurant or cafe, i would visit her every day to see her beautiful food. She writes brief English description about her pictures so that people can easily understand what she made.


If you like netural or cozy world, follow “maggydaisy”. Her works are simple yet peaceful. Bread and coffee, and Daisy,the dog.


Love smoothie? Then follow “mai_smoothie”! She makes nearly 300 fruit smoothies and uploading stylish pictures every day. What make me happy is that she tells us her original recipes in both Japanese and ENGLISH!